Craft Beer Mustard

Meg's Mustard takes Independent Craft Beer and turns it into your favorite condiment. Each Batch is handcrafted to highlight the beer used and is perfect for anything you normally put mustard on. Go crazy!

Meg's Mustard - Small Batch - Whole Grain  - Craft Beer. Collection of Classic  Mustards.

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Meg's Mustard - Small Batch - Whole Grain - Craft Beer. Mustard seeds soaking up beer and vinegar.

About the Beers

Meghan travels near and far to support Independent Craft Breweries. Individual beers are carefully selected and paired with vinegars to make the mustards. The Batch number is associated with each brewery as homage to where it was created. Each mustard is made in small batches and is not guaranteed to make a second appearance. Popular and specialty brews are both used. Shop by beer type to try a particular style or by Batch to get all the mustards from the same brewery. Mini versions are available to encourage samples of many styles.

How we started

Meg's Mustard began in a California kitchen while creating cheese and charcuterie boards in a booming Craft Beer Community. Experimenting with different beer styles and flavors fueled her culinary passions. After moving to North Carolina in the middle of the pandemic, Meg was finally able to devote the time she always struggled to find to make this dream a reality.

Meg's Mustard. Small Batch - Whole Grain - Craft Beer.  Raw organic yellow mustard seeds.